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Event Ideas

Lip Sync Battle

Lip Sync Battle is a fun & entertaining activity to add to any corporate event where you have competitive attendees that want to interact in a social setting. Now a popular TV show and first appearing on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, contestants pair up to do battle using lip sync as their weapon to out do each other. Original popular songs are played as the contestant performs to the music, acting out and lip sync singing into a real mic that is not active. The key is the contestant knows the song very well and has rehearsed moves to get the crowd cheering! The audience is the judge, deciding which candidate does the best lip sync performance. Lip Sync Battle requires no additional equipment and comes at no extra cost with the DJ or DJ Plus package. As always, if the group members want to actually sing, Karaoke is available as an add-on with thousands of songs that show lyrics on the singers video monitor plus 2 professional microphones.


No Amplification Policy

Have you ever had to produce an event at an outdoor venue or hotel with a strict “No Amplification” policy?

Kevin Case can perform an acoustic solo guitar/vocal (placed or strolling), duo or even trio adding steel drums and/or latin percussion for intimate groups where loud music is an issue.

Of course, we always have amplification systems and lighting to cover various sized venues, but with city and town noise ordinances changing constantly, or when the venue is unsure of the sound limit, acoustic music is the solution for creating a fun, elegant ambience for your event.

Our background DJ systems are also a low volume way to add a touch of music for a small gathering if the music level has to be carefully controlled. Using multiple speaker setups also allows the music to stay low, but cover a larger area.


Live Music + DJ for your next event!

Do you ever have an event where the client requires soft background live music during cocktails and dinner, then wants to open up the dance floor to include Top 40, Latin, Hip Hop, Funk, Line Dancing, etc., but they don't have the budget for live music and a DJ?

Kevin offers a cost effective solution where he combines his live music talents to cover the event front as a solo one-man-band and then switches over to DJ with the original tracks for all styles of music to get the party going... all for one low price!

As an added attraction, he can also include other members of his band to create the popular "DJ Live" format, where live musicians perform and support the original tracks of popular music.


Themed Music, Sound Effects and Support Sound for

Team Building Events!

When planning a team building or sporting event, keep the flow going with themed music and sound support for announcements and organization. Also, sound effects and special songs can be integrated into each game or segment to fire up team spirit and fun!


Team Building: Scavenger Hunt Challenge!

Add something fun and engaging for your guests to your upcoming events with the Scavenger Hunt Challenge.

This is a fun collective activity for team building or social ice-breaking at any event. The guests are organized by groups and given a team name sign. One member must bring up each scavenger item with the sign as quickly as possible to earn points and the winning team can be awarded small prizes by the host.

Examples of a challenge could be a woman wearing men’s shoes, a business card with photo or may involve performance such as singing the #1 hit song or telling a joke. Challenges can be customized for special themes or holidays and adjusted for different levels of sophistication.

The duration of play is simply adjusted by how many challenges are included, so it can be easily scheduled and timed. This is a great break out activity to add to Live Music or DJ entertainment before the dance party begins.

For more fun… don’t forget the Limbo, Conga Line and Hula Hoops!


Please let us know how we can help with your next event!