Seagrape Records

Seagrape Records announces two new releases of nostalgic music for listening and dancing.


Special Selections reprised and re-issued

Re-mastered digital CD’s from selected performances of the fabulous fifties - “supper club circuit”, exciting songs and dance music.

Janice & Bob Case, internationally prominent singing dancers presenting lively musical favorites that have entertained audiences around the planet.

Come join the dancing fun and exciting listening with memories and musical history.

Bob Case Sings SCD30201

Bob Case who has gained international recognition for excellent dancing, as the male partner of the famous team of “Janice & Bob Case”, has now put his knowledge of rhythms and the wants of dancers on record, with the added excitement of rich satisfying vocals, designed to please everyone for dancing or for quiet listening. The selection of songs and rhythms were made with the utmost regard for the taste of the informed audience.

Music for this stereo album is expertly supplied by one of the most outstanding musical groups of the day.

This album, designed by one of the foremost dance stylists, for ballroom dancers, has accomplished the tempo, feeling and abandon that ballroom dancers have been seeking for years. Between dances, the lyrical pleasures are there for your relaxation. It is truly a happy album of excellent music.

Live! ...from Bermuda SCD30202

Janice & Bob Case represent high visibility and intensive public performance in theatrical, supper club, television and resort venues with singing, dancing and musical comedy shows.

While busy developing their “world class ” song and dance act on prominent U.S. stages, the Case’s were delightfully interrupted with a very welcome blessed event. They thoughtfully decided to prepare the new family addition for their life “on the road,” so they took up residence in the quiet Bermuda Islands during this delicate transition.

While enjoying the tranquillity of Bermuda, the feet were tapping and the show ideas were continuing to develop. They were soon trying out new material and doing shows at the leading Bermuda hotels, Castle Harbour, Hamilton Princess, Bermudiana, Elbow Beach, St. Georges, Belmont Manor and private parties for the islanders and the constant flow of tourists.

This album reflects on those days and a collection of some of the memorable music that made it...

Live! ...from Bermuda